• Valcom introduced complete self amplified Loudspeaker Paging Systems designed to operate over telecommunication UTP cabling. Valcom Distributed Amplified LoudspeakerTechnology has become the de facto standard with communication system providers.
  • Valcom introduced an extensive line of traditional paging amplifiers, microphones and loudspeakers under the brand names Clarity and PagePac
  • Valcom was an earlier developer of digital voice products including the ISDN software for The Motorola development systems and ISDN modems.
  • Valcom introduced browser based software controlled school and industrial intercoms.
  • In the 1990’s, Valcom introduced TCP/IP voice products that formed a foundation for our high reliability network (99.999) voice platforms. These high reliability voice networks are used in critical military and industrial applications.
  • Valcom introduced the industry's first IP loudspeakers – followed by the first IP PoE loudspeakers more than ten years ago.
  • Valcom Software Paging Systems have evolved into robust IP Unified Mass Notification Systems deployed on government and civilian networks
  • Valcom continues to develop the most technologically advanced communication solutions based on our customers’ needs!
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